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Kappius KH-1 Lefty Front Hub

Lefty front hub
~110 grams
  • Wide bearing spacing maximizes wheel stiffness and bearing lifespan
  • Enduro bearings for maximum life and minimum rolling resistance
  • Type 3 Black Anodization: Highest wear performance, Rockwell 60C hardness, smooth surface and deepest coloring
  • Secondary surface coating (gold look on relieved areas) offers 60x corrosion resistance
  • Relieved carbon center offers no differential pressure in the hub. Differential pressure can result in bearing seal permeation due to an air pressure differential between the inside and outside of the hub from temperature and atmospheric changes.
  • Large flange size results in a stiffer wheel due to a higher bracing angle and reduced spoke lengths. 
  • Project 321 Lefty Bolt and Cap included

10 day build time