Digital Pressure Gauge

Digital Pressure Gauge

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For those looking for the utmost accuracy in tire pressure! Ideal for fat bike, cyclo-cross and mountain bike applications where 1-2 psi variation can mean the difference between gripping it and ripping it and folding the casing mid-corner. The digital gauge eliminates any parallax error inherent in all analog gauges. 

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100% Made in the USA.


5 Models:

  • Fat Bike: 0-15 PSI, 0.01 Resolution
  • Cyclo-Cross / Low MTB: 0-30 PSI, 0.01 Resolution
  • Cyclo-Cross / MTB: 0-50 PSI, 0.02 Resolution
  • MTB / Gravel: 0-100 PSI, 0.1 Resolution
  • Road / Track: 0-200 PSI, 0.1 Resolution


  • Silca presta only head with bleed off valve. 
  • +/- 1% Accuracy Full Scale in Linearity, Hysteresis and Repeatability 
  • Pressure Limit: 2x Pressure Range
  • Selectable units: psi, kg/cm^2, bar, in HG, ft wc, kPa, oz/in^2, in wc, mbar, cm wc, mm Hg
  • 2.5" gauge outside diameter
  • 9V Battery Power, Included
  • 20 min auto shut-off

*Do not exceed the range of the gauge! If 2x the maximum pressure reading of the gauge is exceeded, permanent damage will occur to the highly accurate gauge internals! A flashing number or OFL display reading means the maximum pressure has been exceeded. Remove the gauge immediately and reduce the pressure by hand.