Does mud get stuck inside the relieved design of the KH-1?

Actually, although you think it would, it hasn't proved to be an issue at all. When the wheel is rotating, spokes are spinning by hundreds of times a minute and act as a shield to block out any debris. Have we got dirt on them? Yes. Does it wash right out? Yes. Is the amount of dirt accumulated less than the weight that the cutouts save? Most likely. We will do some formal testing on that soon...


Is the cassette included of the KH-1?

No, the price of a SRAM XX or XX1 cassette is not included in the cost of the hub. But the cost of reworking to fit on our hubs is. If you have an existing cassette, send it in and we will modify it. Or, buy one from us for the MSRP of a SRAM one. 


Do you make a downhill or fat bike version?

Not currently, but they are in the works!


Which axle systems do the hubs support?

All mountain bike hubs support quick release and 15mm through axle front, rear hubs support 135mm standard quick release and 142x12mm through axle standards. They are easily converted through a simple end cap swap using the same axle. All end caps are included with the purchase of the hubs. 135x10mm through axle standard can be made by request. We do not have a 150mm rear hub or a 20mm through axle front hub at this time.


What size cog sets do you have do you have that work with the KH-1 hub? 

Currently we offer 10 speed 11-36 mountain bike cog sets. They work with both Shimano and SRAM 10 speed drivetrains. 

We also support the SRAM XX1 10-42 drivetrain system


What does the hub sound like?