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    Rear hubs are available! We have all of the following for sale:

    135x9mm Disc Rear 10 speed 11/36 tooth

    135x9mm Disc Rear Singlespeed

    142x12mm Disc TA Rear 10 speed 11/36 tooth

    142x12mm Disc TA Rear Singlespeed

    100x9mm Disc Front

    100x15mm Disc TA Front

    Lefty Front

    In development, don’t worry!:

    Road front hub

    130 mm road rear hub

    110x20mm TA front hub

    150mm rear hub



    Rear hub prototypes are working very well. We currently have 142mmx12mm and 135mmx9mm rear mountain bike hubs (simply an end plug change) along with our 130 rear road hub. Next step is getting test wheels built and out into the real world under riders!

    We have also had questions about our rear unibody clusters (or cassettes). They will not be included in the price of the hubset but will be sold for normal MSRP and all re-working required for use with the Kappius hub will be included for this price. So you’re getting a re-worked cassette at the normal price, no charge for the modifications.

    We have also been getting quite a bit of feedback from downhill riders and racers. Is that you? Tell me what you’re looking for. We want to design a hub for you to.

    Hear the hub in action:


    Latest drive mechanism prototypes are in and currently being machined into hubs! Here is a taste of a 130mm rear road hub with a SRAM Red Cassette (unibody cluster to us) on it.

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